Thursday, August 25, 2005


In my life, I have a contributed a total of $20 dollars in political donations, none of which went to any political candidate. I am about to double my lifetime donations, because I am donating $20 to STOP the ACLU, most of all because they oppose the ACLU's support of ABSOLUTE "civil liberties" above "national security." (READ the ABSOLUTE link!)

There are many other aspects of the ACLU that are harmful to this nation, and every individual's civil liberties.

Please go to STOP the ACLU, and see what I mean. This is a grassroots effort, against an institution that has changed the course of history signifigantly over the last century, for better and worse.

If you really want to "fight the power" these days, it's not the Bush administration that you want to fight, it's the ACLU. (Wow, man, who knew?)

Support a fledgeling organization that will not only STOP the ACLU, but change the Republican party, as well as giving the "paleolithic" liberals a kick in the ass! Maybe that will wake them up, if 9/11 didn't. Not likely, but worth trying.

Let me commend Nedd and Jay of STOP the ACLU. They have earned my support, with an honest message and straightforward writing, from all of the contributors. For personal reasons (working overtime), I have been posting alot of material from STOP the ACLU these past few weeks on this blog, and I couldn't wish for a better resource. Thank you both, sirs (as well as Gribbitt, Kathy, Kender, BobG, Amy, and all of the great people over there!)

I suppose I'm gushing a little much, but that's what it feels like when I support something so fervently. If I can squeeze 20 bucks out of my tight wallet, I'm not ashamed to ask you to, as well.

STOP the ACLU, and please donate at the link in the title of this post!


BobG said...

Nicely worded Chris, it's great to have you on the team!

Mommy said...

You're donating two weeks pay to a cause you believe in?

Son, we're impressed. You can move back in now. You've proved your point.

Chris said...

Speaking of Mom, visit my tribute page, with art and audio links.

...she'd definitely laugh at this, if she were still alive.

Thanks, anonymous moonbat. I much prefer you to the SPAM comments I've been getting lately, which I just delete. I like leaving your turds where everyone can see them, knowing they show ACLU supporters to be petty lowlifes with no ideas, but plenty of snappy wisecracks.

Take it easy, and have a great day!

John said...

It really is appreciated.