Sunday, August 14, 2005


Continuing my crusade against the ACLU, I wholeheartedly support this statement from STOP the

There is a call for Congress to launch an investigation of the ACLU, partly due to its lawsuit against the New York Police Dept to cease baggage searches on New York subways. It is long overdue, considering a report from the New York Times in June about the shredding of certain documents.

There is another reason Congress needs to hold hearings on the ACLU. Lawmakers in state legislatures across America are seeing their roles to enact state policy undermined by ACLU suits such as
this one in Tennessee, this one in Wisconsin and this one in Virginia (disapproved by only one lawmaker in the entire Virginia General Assembly and also referenced later on this page).

And the 70% of Nebraskans who voted for a marriage amendment of one man and one woman have not only seen their marriage amendment
struck down in court but face their tax dollars being paid to the ACLU as ordered by the judge who struck it down.
If there is a possibility of an ACLU threat of litigation each time lawmakers pass laws and voters approve ballot initiatives, this nation's freedom to enact legislation for the good of it is severely at risk. We cannot continue to let the likes of the ACLU stifle the political process this nation was founded on. It is imperative Congress rein in the ACLU. State lawmakers are being hamstrung.

If you agree with the above, please contact your Congressmen and U.S. Senators and urge them to look into the ACLU's activities. Also, contact House Judiciary Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner to initiate action by clicking

And if you want to do more, take further action against the ACLU by demanding that Congress defund their ability to get paid by your tax dollars and mine. Scroll a little further down for more details.

This madness has to stop! Please support the Stop the ACLU Coalition's efforts today!

PS from LEAV: This group is on the right track. The ACLU has been, from it's inception, an anti-religion and anti-capitalism group. They have had too much influence on this country, especially in the judiciary (Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg). It's about time that average people saw how harmful the ACLU's agenda is to our way of life. I'll keep writing about this, as well as posting relevant stuff from my friends at STOP the and .org.

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BobG said...

Excellent post, Chris, let's keep the heat turned up.