Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Coming Soon…New Photos from Abu Ghraib

Crossposted from STOP the ACLU (Thanks, Kender)

This is what all of you sickos on the left have been waiting for…..new pictures from Abu Ghraib, courtesy of the ACLU!!!

There are, by all accounts, even more pictures of GrabAnArab prison (Abu Ghraib for you PC sensitive folks out there) that the Pentagon, by some accounts, is trying to block from being released.

Really, I ask, do you NEED to see more images like this? Do you people out there clamoring for pictures of supposed bloodied bodies and alleged debauchery have to feed your sick addictions at the expense of our country? Can’t you just go buy a Penthouse and a National Enquirer and cut and paste like a six year old making a special “Ten Reasons I love My Mom” poster?

Here is a bit from the article that I took issue with:

The NewsHour’s Ray Suarez said the images reportedly depict “assault, coerced sexual activity, rape, even dead bodies.” Some may have originated outside of Abu Ghraib. Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) said she saw videos of a prisoner banging his head against a wall and a group of men masturbating.

Yeah, let’s take a few of these points one at a time here.

Assualt; Would that be like smacking someone upside their head assualt? Or perhaps giving them 100 lashes for having sex outside of marriage assualt?

Coerced Sexual Activity; I wonder if that “coerced sexual activity” is the same kind that NAMBLA engages in before the ACLU defends them for their sick ways? Was this alleged “sexual activity” with children? Probably not.

Rape; See above, or would this be the kind of rape that is reported in Islamic tribes as punishment for crimes that the women didn’t even commit?

Dead Bodies; Were these dead bodies dead because someone sawed off their heads while they were bound and held down? I don’t think so!!!

As for someone banging their head into a wall? That goes on in mental institutions all the time…that guy simply needed some Prozac….and several men masturbating?

That video would sell like hotcakes in West Hollywood.

One of the arguments against releasing these pictures is that it would cause riots in the Muslim world.

That gives me pause to wonder….when they hear of a Koran that may have been flushed they riot and kill people…..when we see a video of one of our countrymen being held down and having his head sawed off while he is alive we cry out for Justice but we don’t run through the streets burning mosques and killing muslims…..perhaps now you folks out there will see who is civilized and who still lives as though this is 844 A.D.

An investigation should be done of course, but the question remains…..why do you need to see them?



NYgirl said...

Excellen post. You ask a lot of good questions. The extreme left has lost all sence of perspective & are acting like a group of kindergardners.

Chris said...

At 1:13 AM, Daddy said...
You need to see them because you're a pervert and you get off on that stuff.
We're sorry we (deleted) when you were a baby. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now we realize we were wrong. We feel terrible for what we turned you into.
...comment from an anonymous moonbat.

This shows how an ACLU supporter thinks, which is to say, they don't. Rather than come up with something resembling an idea, they hurl insults of the lowest order. I am flattered to get my own moonbat, though. That's why I will let the comments stand, though with a deletion and republishing, this time.

So keep coming around, moonbat! Show us all of the disgusting qualities that make your kind infamous.

Chris said...

BTW, this post was written by Kender, one of the excellent contributors at STOP the ACLU. I crossposted it because it reads like something I wish I wrote. More cool stuff at Kender's Musings also!