Friday, August 19, 2005


While Magua is on vacation, I have posted a few classic LEAVWORLD gems over at his LIBERALS SUCK blog, all linked in one post! Since he and I go back over 20 years, I'm sure he won't mind (what are friends for?). Two of the six posts are about the ACLU, so I hope my friends from STOP the ACLU will go check them out, as these posts were from before I even heard of their excellent grass-roots effort. I was already "on the same page" back then, though! (RIGHT ON!) I also have to say that MAGUA is one good apple, who's not afraid to post it as he sees it. Check it out, it's all good stuff!


John said...

Awesome, I'm on my way!

John said...

No place to comment over there, so let me just say, awesome job!

Chris said...

Why wasn't there anyplace to comment over there? He's got 2 comment links on each post, at least when I view it on my PC. Either way, thanks for checking it out, Jay! I still have alot to figure out about blogging, but I hope I'm coming along well enough.