Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I don't know much about NJ politics, except that they are just as corrupt as our politicians here in NY. I was watching the NJ Gubenatorial debate between Doug Forrester and Sen. John Corzine, and something Sen. Corzine said struck me. He appears to believe that the government has to increase spending to grow the economy. He uses the old liberal standby, "invest," but what does investment mean, relative to current government expenditures? He means increase, and not the standard inflation of current expenditures that no government, local, state or federal, seems to be able to escape. Think of what government "investments" in education and ending poverty have wrought. Is this is what he proposes for economic development? HA! (-That's what I yelled at my TV when hearing his statement.)

Government isn't the one who should invest, unless it involves tax breaks or subsidies for the proper investors, which are private businesses. Ideally, it should not have to aid private investors at all; but besides competing with NYC, NJ also has Philadelphia in close proximity, trying to lure businesses. The tax-cutting policy of Doug Forrester resonated, though he didn't speak much about spending cuts, save for cutting state employees through attrition. There was also an interesting comparison of Forrester's proposed property tax cuts against Sen. Corzine's proposed increasing of the property tax rebate, another old liberal gimmick.

The panel threw some pointed corruption questions at them, which they both deflected with accusations against each other. I don't know about Mr. Forrester's business dealings, but Sen. Corzine is blatantly in bed with the discredited and corrupt NJ Democrat power structure, as well as known to at one time literally being in bed with the head of NJ's largest civil servants union, and "gifting" her with forgiveness of a $400,000 loan. I hope my friends in NJ (SHOUT OUT TO PHIL AND PAUL!), as well as the rest of the good people of that state get a better government than they have had recently.

There was much more to this debate, but I mean to highlight a few serious issues that relate to the larger debate about who grows the economy. Is it government, or is it private initiatives by people like you and me? I believe in the latter more than I ever will in the former, whether run by Democrats or Republicans. (Remember, I live in NY, under as corrupt a government as exists in the US, led by Gov. PaTAXi!)

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BobG said...

Makes me feel glad I'm out of NYC. It was corrupt when I lived there and that was some time back.