Sunday, September 04, 2005


My PC crashed, and it may be a few weeks until I'm back online. I'm writing this from my fiance's PC, after our monthly dinner with her family.

I am thankful that this is the most immediate of my woes, as so many are struggling just to survive in the wake of Katrina. May God bless all the victims, the rescuers, and the many people supporting them both.

Until further notice,


PS: I HAVE RESTRICTED COMMENTS TO REGISTERED BLOGGERS. My fiance also may post something for me once a week, though I hesitate to add to her many responsibilities.


NYgirl said...

Oh no. Hope you're back soon.

BobG said...

We miss you Chris, hope you get back on line soon.

Magua said...

hurry up and get back online, dude.

call me!

NYgirl said...

What's taking you so long :) come back.

Rosemary said...

You sexist! lol. Your fiance has every right to speak her mind. I do not believe you would fall in love with someone who could not. See? Turn the tables and it shows more about you than her. lol. Sorry, but I cannot wish you to come back soon, because I already know that you are back. YIPPIE!