Thursday, September 01, 2005


Sudan is experiencing a genocide, the kind which all the founding nations of the U.N. said they would "never again" allow to happen. See this animation (also linked in title), from

While our government uses so many resources to save the lives of our citizens after Katrina, the Sudanese government uses their resources to kill off their own citizens, and has for a long time. This must not stand. Even in a time of crisis at home, some must speak out about this genocide.

I will speak out, though we must take care of our own country before we can help others. This hurricane has been a devastating blow to parts of our nation, and will affect us all. My heart is with the people affected by Katrina. It is no less with the people of Darfur.

Watch the animation, already! Hat tip to Rosemary, and visit all her sites, starting with LOVE AMERICA FIRST!

I also want to refer readers to nygirl's post about the famine in Niger. She has an excellent blog, with in-depth takes on many complex issues. I've just added it to my links list, and think it's more than worth promoting. Read it, and comment!


NYgirl said...

Thanks for the link & kind words :) I've linked to you also.

You make a great point about Darfur. The responce of the government of Sudan versus ours to crisis is very telling.

You'er right, we must not forget that there are others in distress all over the world.

Rosemary said...

Chris, you really have to check out The Truth Laid Bear. Sign your site up, get the tags (if you don't know where to put them, check out one of my sites), and let's help the world know that bloggers care and we're here to stay!!!