Thursday, September 22, 2005


This is an email alert from the NYCLU:

Dear Supporter,

Did you know that New York State ranks second nationally in the amount of federal money it receives to fund abstinence-only-until-marriage programs? A recent congressional report found that these programs teach students dangerous misinformation. For example, they distort statistics to suggest that condoms are ineffective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Do we really want these misleading programs taught to students in our state – which reports 40,000 teen pregnancies per year as well as rates of certain STIs among young people that are four times the state average?

What civil right are they trying to defend here? Are they aware that most school-age children are not of the legal age of consent? It IS NOT a civil right to teach children how to have "safe sex." In fact, many parents might not only wish for abstinence to be taught, but established as a rule. Think of it this way: If it is illegal to have sex with someone under 17 in this state, why are they advocating teaching those same children how to do it "safely?" Why aren't they advocating teaching children to report adult predators that try to have sex with them?


Children are not "miniature" adults. They are not fully developed, either psychologically or emotionally. Sex is not just another "thing to do." There is a level of responsibility involved, which seems to be lost on the NYCLU. How many kids' lives are ruined from the consequences of underage sex, whether they use protection or not? How many kill themselves, or go on to degenerate lives because of bad sexual experiences that they were too young to deal with? This is the real violation of civil liberties. The NYCLU should be ashamed of their stance on this issue.

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BobG said...

Good post, what are these people thinking...obviously they're not.

Rosemary said...

Once again, you nail them to the wall. Good job. I'll bet they do not want the reason why children should not be taught these things. Could it be that the word "God" may enter the fray? hehehe.