Tuesday, December 21, 2004


The radical secularists, led by the ACLU, are the modern day SCROOGE and GRINCH of the CHRISTMAS SEASON. I have never seen a worse violation of the First Amendment, particularly the "freedom of religion" part, as when someone sues over a public display of a religious holiday. Even if the government pays for the display, it comes nowhere NEAR "establishing" a State religion. This is a bunch of HOKUM brought about by the GRINCH and SCROOGE! We Americans need to call these people what they ARE! Thin-skinned opressors with no core beliefs, who attempt to steal the joy and celebration from people who do have some core beliefs. SHAME ON THEM! They will not win, because the history of America is that the good guys prevail, not the joysucking maggots who would defend the worst evildoers on the planet, but not an honest American's right to express his or her religious views in public. They all deserve COAL in their stockings!

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Anonymous said...

The ACLU are seditious commie pinkos, and are allied with islamofascists.