Tuesday, December 14, 2004


In a recent email to friends, I wrote the following: "The only way Scott Peterson gets the death penalty is if they play musical jurors, as they did to get his conviction. He is guilty, but the State of California didn't even give Charles Manson the death penalty. I'm betting it's like NY, where the death penalty only exists in the minds of the politicians who hide behind it, while it never gets enforced." I stand corrected on the Peterson jury. They showed determination I thought they lacked. Will he ever be executed? I'm told the appeals process takes 20-plus years, even if all appeals fail. I still think that some judge, or judges will overturn either the sentence or the verdict, sooner or later. Perhaps this isn't analogous to NY, where the death penalty has been effectively thrown out by the courts. If so, then I'm happy to be wrong, 'cause this guy Peterson deserves to die as much as Manson and many other depraved individuals.

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