Tuesday, December 14, 2004


While I'm having problems uploading my artwork here, my good friend MAGUA is posting some old LEAVART from the '80's on his ZETTY TWINE BLOG, a truly inspirational site! I've given him permission to post some newer stuff, so we'll see how many images he's saved from my emails to him! Hopefully, I'll get the regular WWW.LEAVWORLD.COM website updated, and I can post as many drawings as I like there. BLOGGER definitely rocks, in particular for my political writing! I comment on the COOL stuff at ZETTY, too! Go check it out! The URL is www.zettytwine.blogspot.com

UPDATE: ZETTY TWINE has moved, and the new address may or may not post more LEAV artwork. I refer you to my LEAVART site, or NEXTLEAV, which has collected links to my art.

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Magua said...

Hey Leav mo deeee,
I'm going to scan, eventually, that whole notepad of your artwork that I have, and post it on my blog.
It's dated 1979 and 1980. If I remember correctly, you had given it to me to hold for you when you went into the Marines....
Let me know when I can give it back to you,...there is some outstanding stuff in there!
Also, let me know when I can give you a hand fixing your uploading problem...
By the way...I ALWAYS enjoy your comments on my blog, and you are always welcome!!