Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Katleen Parker has a great column which reports on a website called live-shot.com. This site is planning on letting you shoot animals live over the internet, with a webcam attached to a rifle on their Texas ranch! Currently only paper targets are available, but live animals are promised "Once this (ADA compliant blind) and the perimeter fencing are completed". Ms. Parker links this to violent video games, but I'm just amazed that someone is willing to try such an insane idea. It reminds me of a kid who worked at the Capri Motel a few years ago. He suggested we give rooms out for free if the people agreed to be viewed by a webcam on the internet! That idea doesn't seem too far-fetched after reading about this! Anyway, read Ms. Parker's column, and go take a look at the LIVE SHOT website!

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