Thursday, December 30, 2004

Blame the U.S. Anyway You Can!

There have been more ways to blame the US than I had anticipated! From global warming to oil drilling, every crazy theory has been put out somewhere. Bush and Blair have been blasted for not making statements sooner. The full impact was not known, so it no statement was made. Look at the UN guy who made a statement, and had to eat it...and he was criticizing western nations in general, not the US specifically! As I said in my recent post, the US will lead in the humanitarian efforts, regardless of the ANTI US bullcrap that's floating around the world. I am proud that my country is willing to help countries where signifigant numbers of people cheered on 9/11/01, because it doesn't matter who cheered or not, they're all human beings. We have to help them as much as we can, no matter how much people try to blame us for everything!

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