Sunday, December 26, 2004


Who remembers FESTIVUS, the phony holiday made up for the "rest of us"? It was a gag on an old TV show, but I think it was intended to make fun of KWANZA, another phony-made-up-type holiday! The only difference between KWANZA and a real holiday like Christmas is that KWANZA actually divides the country by race, where Christmas has become more inclusive over time, reaching out to the point of losing its religious message altogether. Creating FESTIVUS was also a stab at the commercialization of Christmas, of selling it to non-Christians, by a borderline insane TV character. KWANZA was started in 1966 by one Ron Karenga, using divisive racial rhetoric as a stepping stone to revolution. FESTIVUS was a crime of child abuse on the TV character George Costanza, but KWANZA is a crime of abuse on every child who is taught this horrible philosophy. I can just picture Jerry Stiller, the actor who played the man who invented FESTIVUS, fighting Ron Karenga, who is still around, for supremacy in this battle! JUST REMEMBER THAT KWANZA HAS AS MUCH LEGITIMACY AS FESTIVUS! IF THEY BAN CHRISTMAS FROM THE PUBLIC SQUARE, I'LL CELEBRATE FESTIVUS !

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