Saturday, December 11, 2004


Jimmy Carter 1979 (on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan): "Leonid Brezhnev lied to me." Jimmy Carter 2002 (on North Korea's nuclear program): "Kim Jong Il lied to me." He is the personification of good (liberal) intentions gone bad. A shining example of the way not to run the government. Now he is with the "Bush lied" crowd, to no-one's surprise. He's still my favorite bleeding heart, misguided liberal.


Magua said...

What pisses me off about Carter, most of all(besides the fact that he was hoodwinked by the Soviets and the N. Koreans) was that he had Michael Moore sitting next to him at the Democratic Convention. A former US president sitting next to a seditious, anti-American traitor!

Chris said...

Indeed! Carter seemed both proud and squirming in his seat up there with this blob of flesh that probably reminds him of his brother Billy Carter!

Chris said...

I just realized I might be offending Billy Carter. Michael Moore is a phony, a user of people for his own ends without regard to anything but his own reward. He is worse than the corporations that he "exposes" because he defames his country and government far worse than they deserve in his phony crusade.