Friday, January 21, 2005


Dems still don't get it. On Pres. Bush's second inauguration, they are still plotting petty ways of attacking him. Did they learn nothing from their previous losses? They seem to be the party of the past, replaying the Republicans' treatment of Pres. Clinton in his 2nd term. This is a different time. The economy, while growing, is nowhere near the boom that was starting then, and any party (Democrats) that looks like it's trying to hamper a sincere effort to help the economy by the other party (Republicans) is going to have a problem. The same goes with Judicial confirmations. Democrats must not realize how badly the court system is regarded by the general public. They may not realize that by calling the President's court appointees "extreme", the appointees may be seen as just what is called for to fix the out of control court system. Finally, and most importantly, is national security and the war on terror. Are the Dems going to take John Kerry's approach that 9/11 didn't really change anything? For all of their criticism of Pres. Bush's performance since then, have they proposed anything of their own in this area? If they continue to be the party that wants to weaken our ability to defend ourselves, in all the areas I have mentioned, they will go further into the minority in congress, even if a Democrat is elected President after Bush. I mention that circumstance because, as a New Yorker, I have noticed how both of my liberal Dem Senators are hawkish in the war on terror, and one may be planning a return to the White House. I wonder how they will vote on the Judicial nominees, and such things as Social Security reform. My guess is that they'll toe the anti-Bush line on most other issues, to their own detriment.

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Chris said...

I noticed that Hillary came out a few days after this post, saying that Dems have to "moderate" their stance on abortion! Maybe I was wrong in my final prediction, but remember that whatever she may say, Hillary voted in favor of allowing barbaric "partial birth" abortions. She says one thing, but her actions belie her rhetoric. Just pointing out the facts.