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I HAD TO STEP IN IT AGAIN...Friday, September 24, 2004

Iraq's Prime Minister Allawi addressed the U.N. and did a round of interviews with the U.S. media over the last few days. Much has been said about how he parrots Pres. Bush, of how they could have had the same speech writers. This is only true insomuch as they both are aligned against the terrorists, not trying to "understand" them. PM Allawi is focused on Iraq, while Pres. Bush has a wider focus, but anyone who doesn't see that the enemy is the same is a fool! Sen. Kerry still believes that Communism wasn't a threat to southeast Asia, after 2 MILLION people died following his advice back then. How many will die if Kerry is elected President? Kerry has the nerve to try to discredit PM Allawi, and to disconnect the terrorists in Iraq from the rest of the world. If he can't see that the links between these terrorists are worldwide, he is unfit for leadership of this country.A second thing that Allawi mentioned was the western media bias, in favor of the terrorists. He called it "giving them oxygen". A wise man, this Allawi is. He didn't say the western media should not cover the bombings and murders, but that they should cover the school openings, and political councils that are happening in localities around the country. This is actually a fault of the "what sells" mentality more than the political bias, but the US networks would like nothing better than to have the power to affect this war somehow. It's just too bad that they don't saturate the airwaves with some of the positive developments in that troubled country. People are taking their cue from Dan Rather, and disbelieving what the liberal US media reports, believing instead the words of US servicemen who have been there, and the Bush Administration, as well as the Iraqi government. One view will prevail!
IN LEAV'S IMAGINATION, THE REAL FIGHT LOOKS LIKE THIS!Here are the clear differences: Dan Rather is Kerry's surrogate, and Iyad Allawi is Bush's. Allawi survived Saddam's assasins with axes in a London hotel room. Rather survived men in suits beating him up, saying "what's the frequency, Kenneth?". Allawi is the fully respected Prime Minister of Iraq. Dan Rather, much like John Kerry, is losing credibility fast in the public eye. Both men have a big challenge ahead, but the difference is that if Rather or Kerry win, the public loses. If Rather stays employed, we all lose credibility in the news. If Kerry is elected, chances are we will lose the war on terror, at least as much as in the '90's, for the forseeable future. I guarantee that the enemies of America are salivating for a Kerry Presidency.DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM!

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