Saturday, January 01, 2005

WISHES for 2005!

Things I look forward to in 2005: Personally and Politically.
Making the lovely Anna Zarbano engaged to be my wife!
Private retirement accounts-I can't stand commentators who say this idea is dead. Same for medical savings accounts, though those are tied to health care reform, so I don't have as high hopes.
Hanging out with old friends more often--socializing (that's not a dirty word, except politically)
Judicial nominees who will adhere to the constitution, not interpret it in new ways. I hope the Republicans stop the Dems from filibustering judicial appointments.
The hope that charter schools and voucher programs flourish, and public schools rise in quality through competition.
Getting Anna's daughter into a good local college.
Rising resentment against the NY political "system" continuing to shake things up, hopefully with good results.


Walton said...

OK, Chris, I'll bite - I'll take some time to read your blog and make a few comments. But it might suprise and confound you to learn I am not a liberal, and that in fact 'liberal' is a bit of a dirty word for me.
As some one strongly influenced by post-modernism, I hesitate to apply any fixed definition to my political ideas, but if I am anything, I am an autonomist - which is some kind of super-radical, anti-authoritarian communist. Very far from liberalism indeed. And I hate the dems as much as you, for being spineless, no good, lying sellouts.

Chris said...

I love the way you don't want to be pegged down to a "fixed" position, but you have such distaste for liberals and dems... Have you heard of the Libertarians? They want NO government interference, almost to the point of anarchy in extreme cases. You associate yourself with Communists, which means state control, and has historically bred weak economies with low productivity. Post modernism is defined as "reactions against the philosophy and practices of modern movements and are typically marked by revival of traditional elements and techniques". I don't see any traditional approach to politics or culture in your writings. How far back does "modern" go? Isn't Communism a "modern" movement? Democracy and Republics date back to ancient times. I don't see you associating yourself with either of those political beliefs. These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself, Walton. It's good to hear from you, though!

Walton said...

Sorry for the long silence - moving around has made it difficult to get online. And thanks for the cool comments on my blog. Though I was concerned to find points of agreement between a neo-con like you and a crazy-ass revolutionary like myself. Expect to hear from me.

Walton said...

I know the libertarians, except that they are right wing where as I am on the left wing lunatic fringe. Not all communists support the idea of state control - I certainly don't. There is traditions of radical, anti-state communism like Council Communism and Autonomism that I feel strongly drawn too. My vision for Communism is a million miles from what was practiced in the USSR or any other country.