Monday, January 31, 2005

Gamma Ray Window: A GOOD BLOG

I want to acknowledge a cool site I came across while surfing blogs. Gamma Ray Window is by a guy named Edmond, and while politics isn't the focus of his blog, he has some good comments on Iraq and Social Security reform, two of my favorite issues. On Soc Sec, here's an excerpt: "Why is it that all of the public attacks on President Bush's proposal to reform Social Security must first falsify what he is proposing before attacking it? Let's get a some things straight. First, participation in the new program would be voluntary. In other words, you could choose to stay in the current program if the changes seem too risky for you. Aren't most of us in favor of choice"?
Good stuff, I say! There's a link in the title, and I'm still checking on setting up a permanent link on my page. Write on, Ed!


Walton said...

Good blog, or does he just agree with you?

Chris said...

Feeling neglected, eh, Walton? Yes, I posted this because I agree with him. Stll, he also has some strong stuff about Meth heads, which is not political. I left a comment about his photos of Meth addicts on his site. I also post a link, along with a post, from someone with very strong Anti Bush views on my NEXTLEAV blog. I suppose I should give you some space and a link also, but I'm not responsible for anything my crazy conservative friends might leave there. LOL!