Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Occupation 1945 & 2005: same problems

I want to take issue with all the "gloom and doom" about Iraq. While I can't predict an outcome, I can say that some of the same news outlets were "doom and gloom" predictors after WW II. Some examples from the NY Times:
Germans Reveal Hate of Americans. Oct. 31, 1945.
Loss of Victory in Germany Through U.S. Policy Feared, November 18th.
Germans Declare Americans Hated, December 3rd, 1945.
German Election Set In Towns of U.S. Zone.
Does any of this sound familliar? So I take all this reporting with a grain of salt. However, people like Bill O'reilly have a much more balanced approach covering this war. The reports of thousands of Iraqi policemen deserting is worrisome, but not surprising. Look at what their strategy was in the first place, when they were working for Saddam: run away, and regroup as terror cells (or desert). The real question is will enough Iraqis stand up for their right to govern themselves, risking terror attacks to vote? I think they will, in good numbers. Expect the attacks to get worse leading up to the 30th, but expect the US to counter the terrorists more aggressively.

Hat tip to Rush Limbaugh for the headlines. Also see IRAQ IS NOT VIETNAM, and LEGAL REDUX' History Repeating Itself?

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