Sunday, January 16, 2005

SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM: Conservatives are the New Progressives Pt. II

As the debate over Social Security reform gets started, many media types will be misrepresenting some of the basic facts. Soc Sec is basically run as the hugest Ponzi scheme in history. Any time you hear someone call it a pension or retirement benefit, they are spinning the program as something it is not. The progressive view that conservatives take is to actually turn Soc Sec into a true retirement benefit, while paying off the last generation of scamees. This may take some borrowing in the short term, but is the only logical course to fix the system in the long run. Also watch for talk of "giving money to Wall St. fat cats". One can only reply "as opposed to overpaid/underperforming government bureaucrats"? These are the very people watching the current system run into the ground without a peep. The facts are not in dispute. The differences in how the facts are reported in the big lib media will possibly shape the debate.
Social Security was a progressive idea 70 years ago. Democrats and liberals fighting it's reform are not progressive. One only has to look at the diverse proponents of partial privatization. From Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan to countries in Scandanavia and South America, this idea has been proposed and successfully enacted. Why is this such a problem to fix here?

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