Thursday, January 13, 2005


Read Tony Blankley's explanation of why the "memogate" report absolved Rather and CBS of political bias, and refused to say definitively if the memos were forgeries. His upshot is that Thornburgh and his law firm were ethically bound not to reveal any information that could open CBS to civil or criminal liability. I like when someone with better sources and more info backs up my point of view. There should be a link in the title, but I'll post the URL at the bottom. I also read something that sounded familiar in Jay Bryant's colomn (01/12): "Dan Rather, who having retired as CBS Evening News anchorman continues at the scene of the crime, 60 Minutes II". This echoes my line from the previous post (01/10): "He was due to retire from the nightly news this year anyway, and he still is on the show that he committed his journalistic sin on in the first place". Notice how the same idea is phrased differently, indicating a lack of "talking points", just individuals who come to similar conclusions on their own. This is the big "grass roots" advantage that the conservatives have. What Democrat wants to be associated with what appears to be the media's version of Watergate. As more of them are embarassed for their party, people like me are coming out and saying what we think about these events in a more public way than ever before, and finding that our own thoughts can be put out before those of our favorite pundits! LOL! I further wish to thank the two pundits I referenced in this post, Tony Blankley and Jay Bryant, and to list the links to their articles:

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