Friday, October 28, 2005


On Oct. 19th, the NY DAILY SNOOZE ran two articles about a recently released documentary, "Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family". One was a three star review, and the other was a gossip piece about the father of one of the men not wanting to see (or be in) the movie.

Why would the father, a jailed mobster, be ashamed to see, much less be seen in this documentary? Well, the movie was made over 8 years, documenting two gay men bringing a woman into their relationship, and calling it a three-way "marriage". She had two children, one from each of them, during their 13 years together. -See where this is going?

First, the gossip column associated the "mobster" father's beliefs with one Rev. Louis Sheldon, of the Traditional Values Coalition. The Rev. has nothing to do with the mob, or the movie. He was just available to quote about it, I guess. This sets up a premise that opponents of the lifestyles documented in the movie are either crusaders or criminals. Sound familiar?

The title of the review was "A likeable (and very mixed) 'marriage'". It didn't mention the (mob) father at all, but did reveal that the threesome ultimately broke up, with the single mother of two looking for "Mr. Straight". Gee, I wonder why?

I have an urge to see this disturbing movie, just so I can review it over at IMDB, as well as here. Movies like this are on the cutting edge of the culture wars, and need to be taken seriously. Euro-liberalism already has too much influence in the USA. Groups like the ACLU not only support this agenda, they spend millions of dollars fighting for it in the courts. How long will it be until they are suing for three-way marriages to be legal? They will cite foreign law, and use this documentary to put forth the argument that "It's already being done" in NYC.

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BobG said...

Wow, you found a good one there Chris. This is likeable? By whom?