Thursday, October 27, 2005


I caught a segment of HBO's Real Sports show, dealing with racism by fans of the European Football Association. Apparently, White fans throw bananas at Black atheletes on the soccer field, as well as hurling racial epithets. During Bryant Gumbel's interview with a high-level representative of the association, he asked "what are you doing about this"? The reply came as follows: "WE DON'T BELIEVE IN PUNISHMENT", explaining that they encourage "counseling", and "educating" the fans. No wonder they have such a problem.

Contrast this with Veterans' stadium in Philadelphia, where they put a temporary courtroom in the stadium to deal with fans who break the law. Unruly fans went right before a judge. This strikes me as a logical solution, which has worked in Philly.

Also, it brings to mind the issue of NYC taxis' refusal to pick up Black riders. Danny Glover championed this cause, but then protested when the NYPD started ticketing drivers who practiced this discrimination. What do these liberals want? How do they propose solving these problems, if not by punishment?

It is not possible to legislate what's in people's hearts and minds. All of the counseling and educating in the world may not change some people's feelings. What can be done through legislation is to penalize people's actions, whatever their motivation may be. The EFA is never going to make any progress unless they understand this, and we in the USA must not give in to the liberal European thinking regarding punishment.

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Nicely said, damn it's good to have you back.