Monday, October 31, 2005


If Joe Wilson and CIA operative Valerie Plame were conservatives, operating overtly and covertly in support of the conservative agenda regarding the Iraq war, the reporters that exposed them would win a pultzer prize, instead of instigating a special prosecutor.

If Joe Wilson had been sent to Niger to trash the Kerry (or Gore) Administration's denials of Iraqi WMD by his covert CIA wife in order to get us to go to war with Iraq, would they be portrayed so symathetically in the press after their exposure?

If a CIA operative was exposed conducting an obviously political mission against a Democratic President, would the source of that leak be indicted? Or even mentioned? Would an investigation of corruption in the CIA occlude an investigation of the Administration?

It isn't easy to imagine the way it would play out in this inverted reality, but LEAVWORLD attempts it here.

What if six turned out to be nine? If we hadn't gone to war with Iraq (under a Democrat President), the whole world would still think that Saddam has WMD, but we wouldn't actually know, would we? How would a Democrat administration deal with that fear, after 9/11?

PS, for those who don't know liberal rock history: If 6 Was 9 is the title of a Jimi Hendrix song, with the infamous spoken lines: "white collar conservative walkin' down the street, pointing his plastic finger at me... He's hopin' soon my kind will drop and die." I could substitute "liberal" for "conservative" in the first line, and it would aptly apply to today's world.

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