Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I'm not widely read enough for anyone to claim I'm giving the Dems ammunition, so read these predictions, after the first day of watching the MSM and conservative blog reactions to Harriet Miers' nomination:

They will attack heavily on abortion, claiming she is against a woman's right to choose. Unborn babies will not be mentioned.

They will charge cronyism, comparing her to former FEMA director Michael Brown - "in robes," questioning her qualifications.

"61 and never married?" will be said on some MSM outlet, followed by speculation about her views on gay marriage.

All Dem pols and pundits will be harping on the lack of public policy documentation, playing conservative fears like a fiddle.

The race card has already been played (by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund - AP story), and it will be again by other groups.

Now, I don't know about any of this for sure. I am willing to put these ideas out as predictions because some are obvious, and some are stretches. After one day (and I missed Rush today!), these are the tacks I expect the Dems to take.

She will still be confirmed, barring any one of the aforementioned issues, or something else snowballing into some real bipartisan opposition. It more likely will be a repeat of the Dems braying at the moon on national TV, with "a little old lady" (pardon the expression, but that is how she appears on TV) running circles around them, just as Judge Roberts did.

Me, I've got my fingers crossed, and will for a long time, regarding both of this President's SC appointees. (Hat tip to Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog, and legal redux)

UPDATE: After reading more about Ms. Miers, I do not think she will be "running circles around" the senators. She is nowhere near the intellect that Justice Roberts is. I'm still crossing my fingers that she will do the "right" thing, if confirmed.

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