Friday, October 28, 2005


So, I was partially wrong in my previous post about Harriet Miers. The Dems didn't need to attack her (though some did), because the conservative pundits took the lead. I was correct in my disclaimer sentence, "barring any one of the aforementioned issues... snowballing into some real bipartisan opposition". Actually, it was a combination of two of the issues I mentioned: "They will charge cronyism ... questioning her qualifications", and "...pols and pundits will be harping on the lack of public policy documentation". Anyway, she's history now. Read all about it at the link in the title, courtesy of STOP the ACLU. They also have an open trackback opinion piece, linked here.

I'm not making any predictions this time, but I hope that Janice Rogers Brown is the next nominee. I like what I've seen of her, and think she'd give 'em hell on the hill!

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