Thursday, December 01, 2005


Hat tip to Nedd from STOP THE ACLU.ORG, where I republished this from. (The article below, that is. The artwork is from the LEAVWORLD.COM website, and was originally produced in the '80's or early '90's, to the best of my recollection.)

So let's see if I got this straight. The ACLU of Arkansas wants to sue a high school because a senior girl prayed a prayer and issued an alter call at her graduation in May. However, the ACLU of New Jersey supports the right of a 2nd grade girl to sing "Awesome God" at an after school talent show, saying:

"There is a distinction between speech by a school and speech by individual students. "The Constitution protects a student's individual right to express herself, including the right to express herself religiously."

Well said, Jennifer Klear. An ACLU attorney gets it right. Now what's the difference between what Olivia Turton in New Jersey said and did and what Jessica Reed in Arkansas said and did? Director Rita Sklar of the Arkansas ACLU said the prayer and altar call was a "blatant display of contempt for the First Amendment."

I can't reconcile the two cases unless it was a "sin" to have an altar call, hard to believe since it was student initiated. And it's even harder to believe the ACLU and our friends at ADF, who represented the girl, would be in agreement in litigation on anything.

Isn't it great that Senorita Rita can't find a plaintiff to sue the school? And just think, no suit, no taxpayer money to the ACLU.

But don't expect ACLU lawsuits to stop. They're still trying to figure out where to draw the line on school religious expression.

Hey, Rita, get a life! And listen to your comrade in New Jersey who has more brains than you do.

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