Sunday, December 04, 2005


With Sen. Kerry's rebuttal to Pres. Bush's speech getting him so much airtime this week, I thought I'd revive this old sketch from the campaign days. Every time you look at Sen. Kerry, think of this cartoon. Though drawn before I started blogging, it was emailed to all of my friends, and eventually posted at LEAVART.

Also in a humorous vein, I continue the countdown to my first blogiversary with a Feb. 18,'05 post called DEAN ALREADY IN DEEP DOO-DOO! Howard was just elected as DNC chairman when this was originally posted. Re-reading it now, it looks like the battle I predicted is actually being joined. Dean, though still an embarrassment, has sabotaged Hillary's moderation tactic (regarding Iraq), and she seems to be following his line now. Veeeery interesting...but not funny. (- referencing a character from "Rowan & Martin's LAUGH IN", which was very funny!)

Linked at CAO'S Sunday OTB post, and worth noting is that CAO is on my short links list now, and I am joining the FREE THE KERRY 180 Tuesday BLOGBURST. I will also mention things like SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM, among other "dead" issues, each Tuesday. I thank CAO for letting me in, and hope that I can help spread the word, not only about the phony facade that Sen. Kerry represents, but about all the liberal opposition to the true progressive reform that our nation needs.

Also linked at STOP THE ACLU Sunday Funnies!

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