Sunday, December 18, 2005


If an average person just watched the TV news, they wouldn't have known that the recent stem cell cloning fraud in So. Korea was about embryonic stem cell research. I was curious about the omission of "embryonic" in all the TV reporting I saw. I remembered the original story, and how it was used to advance the cause for embrionic stem cell reseach. A group called DO NO HARM - The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics has a bunch of links on adult and umbilical cord blood stem cell research. They were one of the few places that I found all of the scant MSM references to these types of research, and it's only a handful.

Meanwhile, Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog links to the NY TIMES (embryonic stem cell) fraud story, headlined "Scandal for Cloning Embryos: 'A Tragic Turn' for Science." (Can they get any further from "embryonic stem cell research"?) She also links to, and excerpts the relevant quotes from a piece on a blog called Climate Audit about peer review. Read about how researchers refusing to give their original data to reviewers is the standard procedure...chilling stuff, but also ammo in the war against fraudulent and phony a#$ junk science!

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