Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well, it's Tuesday again, so I will remind Senator Kerry to sign his form 180, and release all of his military documents! This is from the Boston Globe, April, 2004:

Kerry has not released the formal evaluations from superior officers, although his campaign has given a letter from a commanding officer that recommended him for service aboard Navy patrol boats and also reports for the Silver and Bronze stars that laud Kerry's actions in combat. By comparison, retired Army General Wesley K. Clark released hundreds of pages of his records during the Democratic primary campaign, including all evaluations of him by his superiors.

The question about Kerry's military records came up when Tim Russert, the moderator of "Meet The Press," asked the Massachusetts senator about a story in the Globe last week that quoted Kerry's former commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Grant Hibbard, as saying that he raised questions about Kerry's first Purple Heart. Hibbard said that he had heard from others in the office that there were questions about whether Kerry and his crew took enemy fire, and Hibbard observed that Kerry's wound was minor, resembling a fingernail scrape. Purple Heart regulations say nothing about the severity of the wound. The campaign earlier this year showed the Globe a record verifying that Kerry was treated for the wound and that shrapnel was removed. That document was cited in last week's story, which was based on the forthcoming book, "John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography," written by a team of Globe reporters.

Meehan said yesterday that the campaign would show that document to what he called "legitimate" news organizations. He said other records previously shared with the Globe -- including documents describing Kerry's actions when he was awarded the Silver and Bronze stars -- would be shared with other reporters. Asked whether Kerry would release his evaluations, as Clark did during the primaries, Meehan responded: "We don't have Wesley Clark's evaluations." Asked directly whether Kerry would release all of his own evaluations, Meehan repeated that the campaign would release only the records already made available.

Meehan similarly said no new records would be released when asked if the campaign would make public other medical records besides the one related to the first Purple Heart.

A year and a half later, and we're still waiting! Hat tip to Rush for his Kerry stack o' stuff! The following is from CAO'S blog, originator of this blogburst:

Join the blogbursts to help FREE Kerry’s 180 every Tuesday!

We’ve formed a blogburst group and here are the bloggers who are contributing so far. If you want to join the blogroll for Free Kerry’s 180, click here to email me, include the url for your blog. The blogburst is every Tuesday, so don’t forget to blog about it. All you have to do is encourage Kerry to set his 180 FREE, I’ll send you the code for the blogroll.

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