Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MS 13: A National and Local Threat

This week's round-up of 130 members of the gang MS 13 is encouraging, but it only scratches the surface of the problem. This gang has infiltrated communities throughtout the country, often ignored by law enforcement. As Bill O'Reilly points out, many cities have rules against even asking a suspect if he is an illegal immigrant, though this contravenes federal law. Here on Long Island, 15 members were caught in Suffolk county, and they needed a joint task force with the feds to do that much. I didn't hear of any arrests in Nassau, where I live. Ask any local school teacher if MS 13 is active in this county, and you will hear the truth: this gang, and other "wannabe's" are experiencing a resurgence greater than anything seen before. A man who lives two blocks from me was shot dead in an MS 13 gang initiation while walking home from the train station. It turned out that they had assaulted several others that same night, but ended up shooting this man in front of his own house when he fought back too hard. Now it's reported that these same thugs that are recruiting kids from all over the country are involved in major arms smuggling, as well as smuggling non-Hispanic aliens into this country. The national security aspect of this should not be overlooked or underestimated. It's always some idiot who's just punching the clock while the bad guys conspire that lead to the worst events (see the Atlanta courthouse fiasco). I have faith in law enforcement, but am losing faith in the law, and the judicial system in general. The laws can be changed through the electoral process, eventually. Law enforcement can't have it's hands tied by laws that are passed to give criminals unconstitutional rights at the expense of the rest of society's right to safe streets. Let's hope that they continue to go after the MS 13 gang, and stop them not only from shooting people in our streets, but from bringing the next terrorist attackers into our country.

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magua said...

I have personally locked up some MS-13 pussies. I fucking hate those fat-head salvies. They should all die. I would not mind shooting some of them pricks.