Thursday, March 31, 2005

LaShawn Barber: Takin' the Heat! (republished from NEXTLEAV)

I recently posted a comment on La Shawn Barber's blog, in response to a post about her being called an "uncle tom" and worse by some commenters. When I returned home and checked the comments, I got a taste of what she puts up with. Notice how the commenter (someone calling themselves HiRez) equates the shunning of a Black Republican (for more than his position on reparations) with the ACTUAL KILLING going on in the Palestinian areas. As for Israelis being killed for supporting the Palestinians, it doesn't happen. Israel has Arab legislators who openly support the Palestinians. The assasination of the Prime Minister was a rare attack by an Israeli terrorist, not a daily occurence."HiRez" also takes issue with my use of the term "race baiting", but what is calling someone an "uncle tom", if not race baiting? For the record, calling anyone who justly criticizes a Black person a racist, without addressing the criticism, is also "race baiting." Read on at the original NEXTLEAV post.

PS: I've decided that I will put ALL of my political posts on this blog, which is why I am re-posting the opening of the LaShawn Barber post here. In the past, I have put some posts about controversial things over at NEXTLEAV. That blog will now be more personal stuff, though I still may write the occasional "free thoughts" type rant (late at night, after a few too many beers-YIKES!). In the above example, I didn't want this guy HiRez' comments about me on LEAVWORLD, but wanted to show how stupid they were. In the future, even if it's racial politics, I won't be afraid to put it here, where it belongs. This one was recent enough to merit republishing. I am starting to get these blogs organized into a loose system, and if you can't post comments on the blogs themselves, you can email me at with any suggestions or comments.

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