Friday, March 04, 2005


The following is a letter I wrote to my elected representative, a Democrat:

Dear Connresswoman McCarthy,
Living on L.I, you must know how hard it is for young adults to start a family here compared to a generation ago. I am one of those caught in the crunch. Both of my parents are deceased, and I lost what money they left when my small business went under in 1992. I make around 30-40K a year now, but still can't put a dime away for retirement. When I look at the paltry amount contributed over my working years on my Social Security statement, I can only wish that it had been put into an interest generating account over those years. Can you understand how I can think of this as a crisis? Will you help me? Please allow me to have something more than what I have now, and let me reduce the future burden I would put on the government. I'm talking about private accounts. I know this is a hard sell to a Democrat representative, but I truly think this is the most progressive idea to help fix this problem. It's a complicated issue, and I have told my Democrat fiance that I would even support private accounts on top of SS. My only objection is that raising the SS tax may still be on the table, on top of the (voluntary) private account increase. If the SS surplus is just loaned to the general fund, all increasing the tax does in increase future debt to SS recipients. If I have a private account, I would also allow means testing to determine how much, if anything, I get from SS upon my retirement (though probably not too happy about it.) Please try to compromise with the Republicans, and help the people, including this constituent of yours.
Chris Leavitt
Lynbrook, N.Y.
PS; I am posting this on my blog, Please feel free to check it out, and again, please help.

Look, I know I might get some crap from people who think I "went soft" in allowing means testing and the whole idea of the "on top" (voluntary) tax for private accounts. Let's just say I offered those with consideration to "compromise", which is what I was asking more of from her side. Hopefully Democrat legislators around the country are getting large numbers of emails like this, and will start breaking to our side. I respect Rep. McCarthy, and hope that she reads my blog and reverts to her Republican roots. Hey, a NY Republican is practically a Democrat anyway! (Gov. Pa-TAX-i)!

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