Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The rise of the Wahhabi sect of Islam over the last decades is proving to be the largest threat facing the world today. It resembles both the Nazi and Communist threats in some ways, but differs signifigantly because it is a religious sect. This has disarmed traditional countermeasures in a society with religious protections such as ours. Townhall.com has just published a piece by Kamal Nawash called "Wake up call for my fellow Muslims," which shines a ray of hope toward this end. Most US citizens don't speak Arabic, and how many media outlets actually pay people to translate sermons themselves, or are too scared to look "anti-Muslim" to report what they find? Mr. Nawash makes a compelling argument for Muslims throughout the world to reject the Wahhabi teachings and other "extremist" beliefs. I've linked to the story in the title, and his Free Muslim Coalition website (www.freemuslims.org) is excellent. This is a different conflict than anything the world has seen, and Muslims are the key players on both sides. It's good to see such high profile help from Muslims against terror attacks against the West. I look for world Muslim sentiment to flow towards support for the US if the recent reforms sweeping the Middle East take root, but I digress...read the piece!

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