Tuesday, March 08, 2005

NY PRESS: HATE SPEECH against the POPE is OK, Parody of the NY POST is not

Editor & Publisher reports on the departure of the NY PRESS editor Jeff Koyen. He apparently quit after not accepting a two week suspension "in the aftermath of the paper’s controversial '52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope' cover story." The piece, by the "E&P Staff," continues: "A comment from the publisher of New York Press, Chris Rohland, is included in a separate story on E&P Online. In it, he says that he vetted the Pope story before publication, and that the actual reason for the suspension stemmed from Koyen, against orders, running a parody of a New York Post cover (on the death of the Pope) on an inside page."
So let's get this straight: This guy Koyen got in trouble for running a parody of the NY Post, but NOT for allowing something that can only be described as "hate speech" dircted at the Pope. This is almost too easy a target, but the fact that he faced a suspension at all shows that some heat was coming down on the publisher. The demonizing of religion continues in the left wing press, but even those marginal outfits like the NY Press are feeling the shift in tolerance of their tired old hateful rhetoric.

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