Wednesday, March 02, 2005


If the Dems keep painting some of Pres. Bush's judicial appointees as "extremist", the response ought to be "yeah, so?" Enough Americans know that the Judicial branch is already extremist, and needs some radical change. It's time for Republicans to stand up not only for the beliefs of the majority of their own party, but for the protection all Americans against judicial overreaching. Why can't we come out and say that yes, we want judges that think radically different than the majority of the current judiciary does? We have allowed the Dems to portray these judges as "extremist conservative activists," when the real judicial activism has come totally from the liberal side. I would go so far as to impeach any judge that cites any foreign law in their decision other than the British laws that preceded the Constitution as the law of this land. I also like Mark Levin's suggestion that a supermajority (2/3) vote of Congress should be able to overturn a Supreme Court decision. In the meantime, the judges that support limiting the power and purview of the judiciary are the kind of "extremists" we need more than ever.

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