Saturday, March 26, 2005

Suspicions Confirmed, but Some Bright Spots

It looks as if my suspicions were correct. While I have seen some wider reporting on the successful attack on the terrorists, it has already been eclipsed by the latest terrorist bombing in Iraq, which claimed 19 lives. I even caught the end of a report that said the veracity of the numbers killed last week is in question. It seems that only 7 Iraqi soldiers died, and somehow this ratio is unbelievable. Again, I only caught the end of the report from (I think?) BBC, and don't know who is "investigating" this. BBC doesn't mention this at all on the website, but reports about 70 MORE terrorists arrested separately in Mosul. I could have been watching Le Journal, or some other foreign news outlet.

Regarding the attack in which the majority of the terrorists were killed, Fox News reported that the local people tipped off the Iraqi army to the terrorist camp (though it's not in the partial transcript linked above). It looks to me like a situation where we caught these bastards with their pants down. Hopefully this story was more widely reported in Iraq, where it can inspire the people to emulate the example set by these Iraqis. Remember, the average people in Iraq outnumber the terrorists by a huge amount.. When they take a stand, and start to fight back, this result (85 terrorists vs. 7 Iraqi soldiers killed) will be as common as the suicide bombings are now. You heard it here first.

Links to the stories highlighted in green.

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